About Catalyst Magazine

Catalyst magazine is a publication of the College of Chemistry at UC Berkeley. The magazine focuses on contemporary science and industry subjects, articles about the faculty, alumni stories, and College news. The magazine is published annually and is available in print and online at catalyst.berkeley.edu.

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Monthly news and announcements are published via the College’s Periodic News. Periodic News is published monthly during the academic school year. Subscribe here for Periodic News.

Back issues of Catalyst Magazine are available online here.

For article citation, please use the following: Catalyst Magazine, Spring, 2018: John Arnold appointed new undergraduate dean

Catalyst Magazine Editorial Team

Douglas S. Clark – G.N. Lewis Dean
Marge d’Wylde – Managing Editor
Leigh Moyer – Digital Manager
Alissar Rayes – Magazine Design
Bacchus Press – Printing

To submit news and stories for consideration, please contact us at coc_editor@berkeley.edu