Alexis T. Bell: A career in catalysis

Photo of Alexis T. Bell.

On the occasion of the Dow Professor of Sustainable Chemistry Alexis T. Bell’s fiftieth year at Berkeley, a group of Bell’s former graduate students and postdocs have created a high-level career summary of his substantial research.

Having inspired around 700 papers to date and 180 students and postdoctoral associates, Bell’s career spans a broad and important set of research problems. The writers’ aim was to share a representative set of vignettes as a window into his approaches and patterns and to illustrate his enduring impact on the field. These are arranged roughly chronologically, addressing chemical vapor deposition, characterization of catalysts and catalytic processes, CO hydrogenation on supported metals, zeolite synthesis and design, partial oxidation on metal oxides, and quantum mechanical and statistical mechanical computation.

The paper was recently published in ACS Catalyst and is entitled: “A Career in Catalysis: Alexis T. Bell”.